Understanding Judo Uniform Before You Buy

Understanding Judo Uniform Before You Buy

First of all it is important to purchase the correct size uniform. A uniform intended for a smaller person may fit initially but will become too small after a while because of shrinkage. If you have a uniform that is over sized for you, the best solution is to return it and exchange for one that will fit you. (Most companies will allow exchange as long as the uniform is new and hasn’t been worn or washed) The reason is, because you maybe able to shrink the uniform to fit in the length. The width of a uniform does not shrink the same way and you are left with a uniform that maybe too baggy or loose fitting.

Judo Uniforms such as the Mizuno SHIAI jacket will fit you when new and will fit you the same way after multiple wash and dry cycles, provided that you have not increased in height and weight.

Other Mizuno Judo Uniforms models will come slightly over sized so that after you wash it a few time it will fit you correctly.

Most common mistake is made when a person picks up a uniform that is half or a size smaller and has a perfect fit but after a few wash and dry cycle finds that the uniform is too small to meet IJF regulation in competition (This is under IJF Referee rules, Judo Uniform). Another most made mistake is purchasing a uniform that is one size larger and try to shrink it down to fit. This will ultimately end up with a uniform that is too loose and baggy in all dimensions.

What does preshrunk uniform mean?
A preshrunk uniform is make of fabric that has been either pre washed or weave in a way so that no signification shrinkage will occur. Some preshrunk uniform will still shrink a little if wash in hot water and dry in the dryer. Some examples are…

Mizuno Shiai Judo Uniform

Washing this model in hot water and drying in the dryer will not shrink the jacket. You may see approximately 1 cm (less than half an inch) of shrinkage on the sleeves after drying in the dryer; but the sleeves will stretch back to its original size. The skirt part of the jacket will shrink up to 3 cm if wash in hot water and dry in the dryer. This is due to the different type of fabric being use. The shrinkage on the skirt is permanent. The pants of the Shiai is not preshrunk and will shrink up to 10 cm (4 inches) if wash in hot water and dry in the dryer.

Mizuno Yusho IJF Uniform
The Mizuno Yusho Comp IJF uniform is a preshrunk Cotton/Poly uniform. Shrinkage is minimal if wash in cold water.

Adidas Judo Uniforms
Entire line up of Adidas Judo Uniform will shrink approximately 3 cm on the sleeves if wash in cold water and hang dry. If washed in Hot and dry in the dryer will have up to 7 cm of shrinkage on the sleeves. Adidas Champion 2 IJF Uniform will shrink less due to Cotton/Poly constructions.

Fuji Judo Uniforms
Fuji Judo Uniform will shrink similar to the Adidas. Recommended to get half a size larger when purchasing double weave Fuji Judo Uniform.

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