Judo & Jiu Jitsu Uniform Care

Judo and Jiu Jitsu Uniform Care

The manufacturers suggested care is to always wash your uniform in cold water and hang dry. Never use bleach to clean your uniform. Adhering to this method will provide you with the longest wear for your investment. Using liquid fabric softener may also reduce the life of your uniform. My favorite liquid detergent for white uniform is Tide Bleach Alternative.

Soaking in Oxi-Clean solution will help remove stains. One cup of baking soda in your wash will help keep your uniform white and remove odors. One cup of white vinegar in the wash will help kill mold.

Some of us have stains on the collar around the neck and shoulder cavity area. This maybe our body’s oil due to our diet of high fat contented food. I use Spray and Wash or Shout directly on the stained area before each wash. Always wash your uniform as soon as you can after practice and your uniform will always stay clean and fresh.

Washing your uniform in warm or hot water may shrink your uniform significantly unless you have a preshrunk uniform.

Drying your uniform in a dryer will also shrink your uniform unless you have a preshrunk uniform. The tumbling action in the dryer will shorten the life of your uniform significantly.

While the uniform is still wet coming out of the washer. You can stretch the sleeves by pulling or snapping on it before hang drying. This will help to keep the length of the sleeves close to the original length. This method applies to all manufacturer.

Your judo uniform’s sleeves is too short for competition
Do this immediately before stepping on the mat. Standing on one end of the sleeves and pulling straight up on the other end will help stretch the sleeves approximately an inch to two if you need to pass the measurement test