KODOKANGEAR is an authorized distributor for ADIDAS, BMA, DANRHO, FUJI, HIKU, MIZUNO Judo and other martial art uniforms; as well as FIGHTING FILMS Videos MASTERCLASS Books and SWAINS MATS. Don’t be fooled by resellers that cannot stand behind the products they sell. At KODOKANGEAR we take pride in the way we serve our customers. We will exchange, or replace items that are defective, or are the wrong size.  
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KODOKANGEAR is an innovative company dedicated to producing the best accessories for Judo and other sports. You will find that every product that we sell is made with utmost care and craftmanship. All art works are created inhouse by Vinh Chung a devoted Judoka and Graphic Designer; who combine his years of experience with the graceful style of Judo and illustrations to bring you eye opening designs. Visit Vinh Chung’s web site at www.VinDesigns.com

We specialize in designing promotional items for individuals or organizations. Our product line includes silk screened t-shirts, embroidery, caps, jackets, and medal design.

KODOKANGEAR is formed in October of 2001 and was launched with the help of Mark Davis a long time friend of Vinh Chung. Vinh and Mark studied Judo under the teaching of Sensei Fred Lee in the mid 1970s at Lee’s Judo Club in Pacifica, California. After the retirement of Sensei Fred Lee in the mid 80s, Mark and Vinh continued at San Francisco PAL under the late Sensei George York until 1991. Both Judokas took a detour for family and career until 2001 when the undying love for Judo brought Vinh and Mark back together again training in Judo. Vinh and Mark is now the head instructors at Pacifica Judo Club.

KODOKANGEAR’s mission is to help promote Judo through the products that we sell. We believe in teaching the spirit and respects for others that we have learn in Judo.    Click here to see our policies and disclaimer.

KodokanGear can be reached via e-mail at: vin@kodokangear.com
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